CredForce: The Making of a World Leader in Credentialing

CIOReview Team | Monday, 07 November 2016, 07:43 IST

Start-ups, SMEs and businesses of other scales across verticals and purposes can earn customers, partners and reputation faster and surer if they have third-party international certifications to prove their capacities, potential and promise for business excellence. Individuals too, establish themselves faster in their professions through certifications. Credentialing is emerging as the new godsend for businesses and professionals, the way ERP was for companies and MBA for professionals in the nineties.

CIOReview dives into the complex world of credentialing and capability validation, and quizzes the CredForce honchos to find out how are organizations and businesses poised to benefit from credentialing.

“ISO standards did not only establish a new regime of quality in manufacturing, they also added speed and trust to the way companies collaborated to leverage synergies” says Rajiv Gupta, the President and Group CEO of CredForce Asia Limited. Eying USD 100 million at the turn of 2020, he should know what he is saying.

Indeed, with technology commoditizing, other business resources becoming abundantly available; and product-level differentiation waning rapidly, it has become harder for companies to stand out. “Probably, the ability of organizations to build reliable business networks fast; to hire the best talents around; and to establish their credibility among potential business partners and clients should be regarded as most critical to have today, if companies desire to earn an upper hand or to keep one. ''Getting credentialed or certified or accredited by an international body is the best way to make your presence felt, and drive the advantage home,” explains Rajiv, a Fellow of The Wharton School and an ISB alumnus. Having a reliable network of partners, and being able to constantly renew, expand and enrich; it is mission critical for organizations today, if business has to keep growing.

Globally recognized qualifications like CFA, CMA, MBA, PMP and so many others have certainly eased the way companies hire managers, senior staffers and future leaders today. The degree matters. It’s a proof given by a university or a third party about the individual’s capacities to perform – and that’s assurance enough. Is this what CredForce is working at revolutionizing? “Yes, exactly. Our products, services, solutions and expertise are all elated to helping organizations and professionals acquire just the right certifications to showcase their proven and rigorously validated promise, potential and acumen for their areas of business and function,” Rajiv consents. For the uninitiated, the CredForce business may not be easy to understand. It’s a mix of high-end management consulting; process and systems development; knowledge process management and channel marketing – all and everything related to just one space – CERTIFICATIONS or CREDENTIALING. 

The international market for certifications is snowballing silently, but surely. There are new niches, and opportunities emerging – and in all of them, CredForce seems ready to pounce on and lead. Looking at the landscape today, and with the emergence of new professions and verticals, every industry in the country is feeling the need for capabilities validation and recognition through accreditation and certification. According to a recent study, 65 percent of employers worldwide consider IT certification to distinguish between equally skilled as well as qualified candidates, while 72 percent of employers consider IT certifications an important prerequisite for some specific jobs.

That is an indication enough that credentialing will expand its importance into being one of the building-blocks of 21st century business and professions. CIO Review studies and interactions with CredForce managers and staffers have revealed interesting illustrations of how standards-based credentials scientifically validate the capabilities of systems, organizations, and people as well as their ability to perform consistently at the highest levels. In today’s time, certified, accredited, credentialed, and quality-recognized resources and systems are always preferred across domains.

“The spread of capability recognition and certification bodies across the world has been considerably hamstrung by weak value and supply chains, which restrict their ability and increase the costs of accessing markets, conducting research & development, and preparing assessments and content, among others,” says Sanjeeva Shukla, the Chief Product Officer at CredForce Asia Limited. “We aim to make certifications affordable, convenient, and swift so that every individual and enterprise, even in the remotest corners of the world, can opt for the facility. We pride ourselves on expanding our credentialing ecosystem across 178 countries astride a slew of partnerships with global leaders like Pearson.” adds Sanjeeva.

Streamlined Credentialing, Accreditation, and Certification
Smartly networked with global leaders like Pearson, CredForce today boasts of capabilities to deliver across 178 countries! “We are solidly behind CredForce at every step of their long and arduous way. Our job is to help pave access to international markets for CredForce products and services, and nobody can do it better than us,” assures Dr. Gary Gates, Sr. Vice President of Global Business, Pearson VUE – a worldwide CredForce partner. CredForce possesses a wide range of solutions on credentialing, accreditation, and certification of professionals, workforce, and enterprises—which are devised and delivered to transnationals, governments, universities, multilateral aid bodies, and institutions through its ecosystem. The company’s strongest capabilities lie in building credentialing outfits from ground–up and in taking them to market in rapid time.

“We research, design, develop, test, and commission smart credentialing products, marketing programs, and organize digital platform-based sales, audits, and customer service for enterprise clients. In addition, we also design digital platform-based systems and processes for B2C sales, assessments, and customer service related to professional certifications. These systems automate cross- and up-selling and loyalty leveraging processes using digital platforms and serve to shrink the go-to-market times for new products on the one hand and on the other hand, reduce project cycle times considerably,” says Sanjeeva while explaining some of the challenges of developing credentialing products and systems. Needless to say, leadership in credentialing systems development needs expertise, knowledge, technologies and systems for designing, incubating, promoting, managing and commissioning credentialing organizations and mechanisms. CredForce is trying hard to remain the preferred custom-systems developer for accreditation, certification and excellence recognition for a wide variety of government, non-profit, and business corporations. 

The CredForce Consortium – The Power of Leaders Coming Together
The CredForce Consortium is the world’s very first and the most powerful group of leading international bodies put together by CredForce, bolstering the company’s credentialing capabilities and expertise across an overwhelming breadth of areas in which companies and professionals need certifications today to grow and compete. The CredForce Worldwide Credentialing Consortium includes international certification bodies cutting across luscious business verticals like big-data, cloud and mobile technologies; digital marketing; outsourcing, talent management, healthcare, investment banking, service quality, teaching quality and private equity among others, leveraging the score of stringent international standards of the consortium member bodies. The global network of CredForce subsidiaries, partners and business associates together handles sales, marketing, distribution, logistics, customer service, as well a range of knowledge-related functions and requirements for all certification bodies on-board the CredForce consortium.

Knowledge, Technology and Intellectual Property – Designed for Leadership
CredForce has been recognized as one of the BRICS 100 Fastest Growing Companies. Its Gurgaon center is the global hub for the delivery and development of various state-of-the-art products and solutions pertaining to a wide range of professions and industries, comprising outsourcing, software, big data, healthcare, K12 education, talent management, customer service, technical support, digital marketing, M&A, investment banking, and private equity. 

The CredForce worldwide consists of a string of dedicated companies for Asia, America, Europe, Africa and the Middle Eastern GCC region. While CredForce America in Austin looks after the global strategic business operations and the American markets; CredForce Europe (London), Credforce Africa (Cape Town), and the upcoming CredForce GCC (Dubai) handle business and marketing for the respective continents. 

The Gurgaon-headquartered CredForce Asia Limited handles worldwide deliveries; knowledge and product management operations as well as several other front- and back-office business processes through its zonal offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, systems and a dozen odd application platforms like, CredTrac, CredRadar, and CredPlanet, CredForce Asia is charged with exclusively managing all mission-critical business processes like advocacy, marketing, sales, customer service, receivables and payables management, business risk management, partner-network management, assessments, content development, warehousing and distribution, client-audit process management, and credentialing process management.

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