incadea: Driving Efficiency and Effectiveness in Automotive Retail Solutions

CIOReview Team | Monday, 07 November 2016, 07:30 IST

Around the globe, automobile launches create much excitation. But underneath all the frenzy, automobile manufacturers bear colossal pressure, trying to appease their demanding clientele while dealing with new-age technology as they strive to address issues like, security, infotainment, high end customization, Time-to-Market etc. 

Headquartered in Munich and a Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor, incadea offers a suite of enterprise software solutions to provide a breather to these manufacturers and its dealer networks. Its solutions include a cloud enabled nex-gen Dealer Management solution, mobile apps and advanced business analytics solution – all based on the Microsoft platform. Having established a long term strategic partnership with Microsoft, its solutions are developed on Microsoft platform and ensured that its product road map is aligned with a world leader in enterprise technology. Keeping in the mind the diversity of its clients, the company has made these solutions available in 21 languages and in 90 countries. As a result of working with top-notch companies, incadea has a rich acumen of the industry needs. While scrutinizing the customer and vehicle relationship management, incadea provides faster TTM along with efficient management and exceptional data capture. 

“incadea is committed to delivering global solutions that meet local needs, thereby ensuring that our leading solutions portfolio does not only include the industry expertise gained on an international level but also incorporates local market trends and insights that could provide dealers with the competitive advantage on a country or regional level,” says Kiran Lagisetti, Managing Director, incadea India Pvt. Ltd

Proactive Management for Demanding Dealerships
Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, incadea’s global dealer management solution - incadea.myengine has been designed specifically for car dealers, workshops and importers to enable them to optimize their internal processes and workflows. incadea.myengine seamlessly integrates all business functions, departments and procedures to manage and share data. It acts as the ‘Central hub’ on customer information while encompassing Twenty-one unique and preconfigured automotive roles that increase employee performance and productivity. This solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and incorporates innovative features and capabilities to help dealerships gain control, increase profit margins, and drive growth. It supports all dealership areas including service, parts, vehicle, finance, IT. Through the new role-tailored client (RTC), Incadea.myengine offers one workplace for each dealership associate. Twenty-one unique and preconfigured automotive roles available enable the increase of employee performance and productivity. “The solutions supports complex scenarios for multi-currency, multi-branch, multi-language, different makes, etc. it includes Automation and optimization features available, which increase productivity and collaboration , such as barcodes, notifications, etc. and has the ability to act as the ‘Central hub’ for all your customer information incl. sales, marketing and customer”, adds Kiran.

Revolutionizing the interactions between dealers and customers, Incadea has introduced ingenious mobile apps that are integrated with incadea.myengine. These apps enable dealers to access customer information at their convenience while boosting customer experience. The mobile app for the sales and service area, incadea.mysales and incadea.myservice, focus on increasing productivity by streamlining and automating processes of any particular department.

Comprehending the importance of BI in the automotive segment, the company has introduced an originative solution - It is based on a ‘report & analyze’ foundation which helps dealerships better understand their businesses, find answers to complex questions, identify and make favorable decisions. With the aid of live connection to data sources, the solution provides high impact dashboards, visualizations, and web applications along with the ability to share information. 

Incadea fastfit is a global solution designed and developed to serve exclusively the needs of the tire business, vehicle accessories trade and workshops which enables you to improve efficiency and productivity, while supporting the optimization of internal processes and procedures. The solution is based on the proven and innovative platform of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and incorporates extensive knowledge and business processes know-how of your industry. 

Exhibiting the Difference
incadea differentiates itself from its peers by exhibiting exceptional expertise in the automotive precinct. As a result of extensive researches, continuous investment and its long-term strategic partnership with Microsoft, incadea’s solutions are in league of their own. By carrying out relentless and continuous investments and developments and acquiring feedbacks from its customers, the company has been successful to create solutions that bring substantial changes in the automotive retail industry. With the advent of new age technology, the automobile domain calls for better customer experiences while transforming their business through innovative sales network. Keeping this in mind, incadea diligently follows its roadmap that highlights Cloud based models, mobile applications, social media and changes in the communication patterns while helping the industry move forward. 

In Indian market incadea has seen a rapid progression in adoption of its solution. The Global OEMs who have been the user of the incadea solution in other geographies have significantly found the value of implementing the solution in India. With the rise of Indian OEMS in both domestic and emerging markets globally, the solution have huge potential being used as de-facto solution for auto dealership. 

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