SAGlobal: Where Experience and Product Expertise are Trademarks

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 09 March 2017, 09:49 IST

ERP market has now been commoditized with no major difference between the features and functions of the leading products. These products can do almost everything any company could want. Consumers demand ease and flexibility in the implementation of ERP solutions and expect the application to integrate with everything else like email, Document storage, SQL server, Microsoft Office, SharePoint and more, to achieve transparency in the distribution of information and acceleration of business process. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a sturdy product that unifies AX and CRM and puts it alongside core business operations. However, you may have the best technical solution in the world but you need the help of a product expert for the implementation to be a success.

SAGlobal, headquartered in Hong Kong and spread over 6 continents has been delivering comprehensive ERP solution for the past 26 years, from a time before the internet, before telephones, way before mobile phones swept the world off its feet. SAGlobal is today one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics AX specialist.

Product Specialists and Industry Experts

The Microsoft ecosystem is mostly partner based. What distinguishes SAGlobal from the rest is their specialization in the AX and CRM domain. SAGlobal has been working in close collaboration with Microsoft, offering services around Microsoft Dynamics. Keeping pace with the developments in Dynamics 365 suite, SAGlobal is equipped with a significantly large team who bring in-depth knowledge and product expertise. This is a key factor that adds to the capability of SAGlobal to offer comprehensive services around Dynamic 365.

According to Stephen James, the founder of SAGlobal, a market trend that has surfaced in the recent times is for partners to focus around specific industry verticals. Hence, clients today not only seek product specialists but also look for a partner who is well versed with their business, talks their language and understands the key business processes. Catering to this very market need, SAGlobal brings in a strong vertical alignment. This adds to the process of implementation of solutions bringing down the time to benefit. SAGlobal in not only vertical specific but they also bring in expertise for micro verticals. They boast of a clientele ranging from diverse fields of advertising, public relations, media groups alongside engineering and architecture firms, management and IT consultants, life sciences and non-profit organisations.

Best Practices

Most ERP platforms come with certain general features which fail to address the organisation specific needs such as enhanced ways of billing, efficient and effective ways to handle sub-contractors and resource scheduling. A key area of concern for organisations is the management of reports related to various stages of projects and the management of key performance indicators. SAGlobal, by leveraging its extensive experience in the field, has devised best practices which form the blueprint for implementing and customizing typical processes within professional services to make the solution seamless from an operational point of view, thus enabling organisations to achieve maximum efficiency levels. Equipped with in-depth industry knowledge and a pre-designed approach, the experts at SAGlobal provide enterprises with the best optimal business metrics and key reports that leading professional businesses or life sciences businesses at present follow. If clients can incorporate these recommendations, they are benefitted with significantly shorter time to value.

Management of Business Metrics

SAGlobal believes in the effectiveness of BI for businesses on certain standards such as estimation of time to complete, utilization, realization and project profitability. SAGlobal’s Projects+ BI solution provides several standard reports or KPIs which can be delivered by dashboards to the key managers in the organization; they can self-serve on those reports via the mobile phones via web browser and by managing effectively those KPIs and giving them real time visibility on those. This enables SAGlobal to make a dramatic difference to the business performance of its customers.

Enterprise level solution for SMBs

A major target segment of Microsoft solutions are the mid-sized and large enterprises who are not in need of sophisticated technology. What they want is to quickly bring online the core processes. SAGlobal reaches out to SMBs with Projects+ Express which is delivered through the Azure market place. Stephen James explains, “Life cycle services are the tools that allow us to very rapidly deploy these pre-configured environments in the Azure market place using the Azure platform. All you have to do is have a credit card, go online, answer a simple set of questions about the organization and within a few minutes you’re up and running with core functionalities that you need to run a project based business.” A life saver for the SMBs segment indeed!

The GRACE Model

Implementing a world class product in your business environment is not enough. The product calls for maintenance and diagnostics as you go along. SAGlobal provides extensive support program on Microsoft Dynamics AX called GRACE. The Grace program is designed in a way that instead of having a problem and then retrospectively figuring it out, GRACE ensures that the solution operates in an optimal way. Under the GRACE model, the team at SAGlobal proactively inform the customer about the important upgradations and features that are useful and others which can be put off till later. In this way SAGlobal effectively monitors and maintains the solution minimizing the risk of business disruption.

Agile, Capable and Committed

SAGlobal is a large organization in terms of the Microsoft partner channel but they have a unique approach and structure which enables the company to adapt to the market place. Delineating on SAGlobal’s capability as a Microsoft partner, Steven James shares that the company is one of the few Microsoft partners with a presence across the APAC region, Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America. SAGlobal is made up of a dedicated team of experts. The statement is backed by the fact that SAGlobal recently completed a project where implementations were rolled out across 32 countries within a period of nine months. Of the company’s Indian office in Bangalore, Stephen says, “In India we've had people that have come in the office during all the strikes, staying overnight, slept then got up in the morning and carried on working to deliver to our customers.”

One can only imagine the legacy behind the company’s 26 years of existence in a market that has itself undergone a sea change in terms of technology, processes and approach. SAGlobal is indeed a force to be reckoned with. 

Architecting Dynamics AX for Large-Scale Access

One of the many examples of successful implementation of a project is how SAGlobal streamlined the processes for The Akshaya Patra Foundation, a leading non-profit organisation providing mid-day meals to 1.6 million children across 11 states. TAPF had opted for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 through a Microsoft partner. However, it was realised that the current architecture of the solution would not be able to cater to the expansion from 19 locations. The key issues were management of centralised data; enabling easier & faster data access; ensuring consistent connectivity, server maintenance and data security; better planning through deep and timely insight into data across the organisation.

SAGlobal approached these issues with a complete audit of the existing Dynamics AX solution to understand the gaps. SAGlobal re-architected the solution design. They created a module specifically to meet the requirements of a not-for-profit organization and the midday meal program. SAGlobal integrated the solution with emails to automate email alerts and reminders. SAGlobal suggested and moved Akshaya Patra’s on-premises data onto a private cloud [IAAS]. This move addressed the issue of consolidating the organization’s data and having a centralised approach and increased data reliability of applications to 99.95%, along with data and document disaster recovery plans. Data could now be accessed at 26 locations across 11 states. SAGlobal provided a global reporting solution that integrates AX, SharePoint and SQL Server reporting services. The global reporting solution pulls in data across all the AX and non-AX systems from departments like administration, operations, finance, MIS, HR & payroll etc. and provides a consolidated view across the entire company. Management dashboards were designed to keep track of key performance indicators and make it easy to make decisions.

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