Ultimate Digital Solutions- Architecting and Managing Data to digitalize India

CIO Vendor The Government has proposed to digitize the important physical records across the country. This is bringing forth many IT services Companies with solutions to ease the delivery of digitizing India through DMS or Data management services. One such company that emerged to ease the digitization process is Kolkata based Ultimate Digital Solutions.

UDS aims to gain complete ownership of the POS market and establish itself as an established solution provider in DMS in coming years

Established in 2009, UDS, in partnership with Microsoft is tailoring the technology to provide right product for the specific business requirement at the right time. Offering DBMS, UDS has completed uploading policy documents of a large Insurance company across 108 Divisional offices and 2400+ branch offices situated in different parts of India. The Smartest IT Infrastructure Management Company played an important part in setting up State data Centre in one north eastern state of India and also installed SSDG routers in another north eastern state for 240 locations. The company is showing it’s proficiency by continuing its services in digitizing Ration cards (for more than 35 million population) and AADHAAR cards in Eastern part of India.

Proficient HR Management Services
After providing DMS to major Government clients UDS is competently offering quality HR management services to various verticals. UDS HR management services are embedded with increased
out-of-box thinking abilities, knowledge, skills and statutory prerequisites. UDS Team is assisting their clients in outsourcing their staffing requirements with improved quality output, reduction in accounting expenses, 24*7 HR Support Help desk, cost reduction, and management of legal compliance and most importantly, eliminating the hassles of retention and job hops.

Merchant satisfaction through Low cost IT Utility Services
Besides being dexterous in consulting services, the Microsoft Partner is also manifesting its expertise in offering utility services. "Nationwide network is our strength; we can install, give training to the user and manage any ICT components anywhere which returns high satisfaction to the customer" says Mr. Sourabh Bhaumik MD&CEO, UDS. There is no doubt that cloud computing is evolving the IT landscape with the unique concept of IT Utility Services. The use of same resources to multiple customers is changing IT’s position within business dynamics and objectives.

The ISO certified company offers POS services in Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal and Karnataka. It also manages services for multiple nationalized banks. The company has showed its competency by creating more than 10000 employment opportunities in its six years of business.

Pioneers of IT Services
A country’s short and long term growth can be emphasized by progress in human capital through education and healthcare investments. India’s Human capital index ranks 100 at present. Major IT enablement is required to improve healthcare and education system to emend India’s HCI in coming years. UDS envisions building up a cloud based application for healthcare facilities in the country, as the company aims to become the best solution provider in healthcare and education in near future. From assisting government in the areas of e-payments to arrest malpractice, UDS aims to gain complete ownership of the POS market and establish itself as an established solution provider in DMS in coming years. UDS is also extending its wings in Application development and maintenance across domains in proprietary and open-source technologies. UDS is also focusing in IT Utility Services by using same resources to multiple customers and multiple ICT equipment management to provide the services to its customers at a low cost.