iGrid Consulting Solutions - Unleashing Microsoft Technologies to the Full Potential

CIO Vendor The global enterprise application market is estimated to reach $213.43 billion by 2020 with CRM and ERP application expected to continue driving the enterprise application market. However CIOs opine that importance will be laid in areas of collaboration, mobility and analytics of data - structured and unstructured. The immense popularity of apps, especially in the e-commerce is also expected to pose as an extreme challenge to traditional CRM and underlying ERP.

As the market undergoes this shift, Microsoft stands strong not just as a provider of solutions on a broad platform but also as an innovator enabling businesses to leverage the convergence of technologies. Associating with a credible name as Microsoft, businesses aim to exploit the technology to its full potential. As more and more technologies offer reduced time to market clients today have no appetite for long drawn projects. Strategically aligned against these market demands, iGrid Consulting aims to help clients reap maximum benefits from the collaboration and analytical capabilities of the Microsoft technology platforms. The Director of iGrid, Ananth Nagarajan says, “We are positioned uniquely to provide clients a seamless experience across products especially using the new launches of Microsoft SharePoint 2016.” iGrid Consulting is a promising IT Consulting, Products and Solutions company that specialises on Microsoft SharePoint based Document Management Systems, Portals, eForms, Workflow and Business Intelligence applications.

The team at iGrid exerts great dexterity over SharePoint and leverages on their expertise to provide varied implementation services in Microsoft SharePoint based solutions. iGrid has successfully implemented a number of projects on SharePoint such as Intranet Portals, Extranet Portals, Multi-lingual Internet Portals, Document Management Systems, Correspondence Management Systems and many more.
iGrid has been working on Microsoft SharePoint since the early versions like SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online as well. iGrid offers customisation and applications on top of SharePoint easing client’s interaction with the software and enabling them to optimise on the technology to the maximum. SharePoint integration services offered here with the existing ERP and CRM system only reflect their proficiency with the technology.

Microsoft stands strong not just as a provider of solutions on a broad platform but also as an innovator enabling businesses to leverage the convergence of technologies

Successful Microsoft SharePoint practise has enabled the iGrid to become a leading service provider for Business Analytics solutions powered by Power BI. iGrid is now Red Carpet partner of Microsoft for Power BI – one of the very few partners from India. Power BI is emerging as a leader in providing visualization services of analytics. iGrid has delivered exciting dashboards for companies like Sun TV, Jet Airways etc. Analytics practice is becoming a fast growing segment of iGrid with SharePoint practice continuing to play a significant part of iGrid service offerings.

Ananth Nagarajan explains that the team’s technical expertise enables iGrid to provide faster implementations with minimal risk. This enables the team to deliver a lower TCO and a higher ROI. iGrid is equipped to cater across industry verticals like Banking, Manufacturing, Construction and Technology . What makes iGrid highly capable as a Microsoft solution provider is their areas of expertise which they have gained on Microsoft Technologies and Solutions in.Net, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server &Power BI. iGrid Consulting is based in Chennai.