Pristine Business Solutions - Enabling SMBs to Harness Microsoft Technologies

CIO Vendor Businesses turn towards Microsoft with very high expectations and value for money remains a top priority. Consequently, it is crucial for Microsoft solution providers to fulfil these expectations if they wish to stay in the race. “We consider every expectation of our client to be major and push ourselves to meet these expectations as early as possible. The key to a successful implementation is bringing business process and technical expertise together to build a solution that fits client’s business”, says Manish Chauhan, the founder of Pristine, a Noida based software and business consultancy firm specializing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Delineating on their positioning in the market the founder says, “Pristine in association with Microsoft delivers exceptional services to the client and endeavours to meet international standards. Deep knowledge of diversified industries and applying best practices prevalent in leading companies is the key element which our clients are benefitted from”. Pristine aims to function not only as an IT solution provider but play the role of a process consulting partner for the client in ERP projects. This not only increases value for the client but also ensures successful implementation of the project. The founder further explains that their team aims to keep customisation to the minimum and devote maximum time to the implementation of the solution. Along with this, diagnosing and resolving the pain areas of the client are the major factors that differentiate Pristine from rest in the market. Pristine is well equipped to deliver on-time low-cost quality solutions. The first step is the preparation of FRD (Functional Requirement Document) which as the founder explains is of utmost importance to understand the business processes of the client.

After the FRD has been agreed upon and signed, the team at Pristine moves ahead to the Custom Development stage which takes place in an objective manner and is related to the business process. Here they start the development of objects as per the fitment assured in the FRD. Custom development step is followed by the testing stage where the team validates and verifies a software program, application or product in the process.

Pristine aims to function not only as an IT solution provider but play the role of a process consulting partner for the client in ERP projects.

As the year 2016 draws to an end, Pristine has a number of achievements to boast of. They are now authorised partners with LS Retail for implementation of LS Nav. Owing to their partnership with LS retail, Pristine is now able to extend their services to diverse areas as fashion, electronics, furniture, duty free, restaurants, coffee shops, forecourt and many more. The founder adds, “We have also become the authorised partner with Jet reports which is a Fast, Flexible BI and Reporting Solution inside Microsoft Excel. We have also started new ASP.NET service offerings which includes custom application development using ASP.NET MVC, Software Re-engineering, Product Development, E-Commerce Portal development, Custom CRM development.” Setting goals for 2017, Pristine aims to add more products to their portfolio of offerings through new partnerships.