Softline India- A 360 Degree Azure Experience by Consulting, Licensing and Managed Services

CIO Vendor Gartner predicts the public cloud services market in India to grow by 30.4 percent in 2016 to approximately USD 1.26 billion. With regards to Cloud Computing Services, Microsoft Azure Solutions have been playing a pivotal role in boosting the cloud services market in India. It is because Microsoft Azure solutions enable customers to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. It also enables businesses to build and deploy a wide variety of modern applications – including web, mobile, media and line-of-business solutions. Additionally, with the establishment of Azure Data Centers in India to provide cloud services inside the country from local facilities; many enterprises have apparently got the clear cut opportunity to improvise their business.

Apart from leveraging Microsoft Azure Solutions for boosting business, enterprises can also ensure being compliant with the Regulatory Data Privacy requirements. All these factors undoubtedly creates a win-win situation for all Enterprises, Microsoft Corporation and of course for all Microsoft Azure Partners. However, need of the hour is not just a Microsoft Azure Partner providing Azure deployment services. Enterprises seek someone who provides a 360 degree Azure experience with Consulting, Licensing, and Delivery and Managed Services. In addition, enterprise clients also expect a partner to provide state of the art services across the globe.

With over 400+ in-house cloud architects, Softline India is well positioned in the market to provide a 360 degree Azure experience with Consulting, Licensing, and Delivery and Managed Services. This multinational company recognizes the needs of clients and assists in end to end Azure solution deployments. Considering the cloud computing needs of enterprises, Softline has built its own Cloud Platform known as Active Cloud or Active Platform.

Softline India has adopted a two pronged approach towards providing Cloud Strategy and Solutions. “For new customers who evaluate Azure, we go with the traditional approach of identifying workloads that could be migrated to Azure as IaaS.

Softline India is well positioned in the market to provide a 360 degree Azure experience with Consulting, Licensing, and Delivery and Managed Services.

For existing customers and new customers, we position ISV Solutions that would provide LOB functionality to the customer organizations,” explains Manoj A. Nair, Lead-Azure Solutions, India at Softline Group. He further points out that Softline India team offers Cloud Strategy and Solutions in areas such as HR, Wealth Management and even Horizontal solutions like Video collaboration, Webcast platforms among others. Softline Group generally focuses on having LOB Applications on Azure rather than doing Lift & Shift IaaS projects. “We focus on the Business Problem and on how Azure solutions can help the customer achieve cost and compute benefits. This could also mean engaging with existing Azure customers and providing guidance on how a client could optimize the Azure cloud and apply best practices to turn themselves into Technology and Business leaders in their respective business,” adds Manoj.

Vinod Nair, Joint Managing Director at Softline Services India Pvt. Ltd. further expands on this vision- “Customers are increasingly looking for partners that address solutions to business problems rather than just representing specific OEMs. Sensing this strategic shift, Softline has quickly ramped up its offerings in the cloud.”

Vinod further provides insights that “Softline has acquired a large customer base in India, with customers in BFSI, Media, Manufacturing, Retail and Pharma space. With over 20+ enterprise agreements on Azure, Softline had been adjudged as a Microsoft partner with the highest Cloud revenue mix,”

To improve the quality of customer service, Softline India has also partnered with Independent Software Vendors to address the growing demands of business requirements on Azure. “We will keep on ensuring that we provide insights into the multiple ISV solutions which are available on the Azure platform;so customers can fulfil their GTM needs,” signs off Manoj.