Total Application Software Co. - Sustaining Enterprises to Attain Effective Cloud Transition

CIO Vendor The paradigm shift of IT systems and workflows to the Cloud is augmenting and benefiting enterprises in multiple ways. While turning their focus on adopting cloud technology to their IT landscape, organizations aim improved efficiency, agility, cost reduction, revenue, scalability and security. Though it is a widely accepted technology, enterprises’ migration to cloud computing cannot be achieved overnight. Hence, organizations necessitate apt partners who can reinforce them with proper planning, technical prowess and perfect execution methods to move on.

With a proven track record in terms of quality, timely delivery and high value, New Delhi based Total Application Software Co. (P) Ltd. (TASC), resolves its clients’ cloud transition requirements in a better as well as effective manner by optimizing Microsoft Azure. With the successful implementation of Microsoft Azure solutions, it helps its clients to reap the advantages of cloud technology for their current processes and new initiatives. TASC is a Microsoft Partner for the Azure Cloud Platform and a Microsoft Silver Partner. Being a Microsoft Silver Partner, the company has achieved competencies in Cloud Productivity and Content & Collaboration. It has been recognized by Microsoft as the Cloud Partner of the Year 2015-16 (North India) and enrolled into the Azure Mentor Program. In addition, TASC caters integrated IT services to its clients globally on Web, Mobile, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions across industries and business of all sizes.

When organizations are in need of a shift to Microsoft Azure solutions, TASC aids them by carrying out a thorough assessment of their business requirements and current implementation needs while creating a convenient strategy for effective execution.
“First, we must have the ability to understand customer business, goals and future direction. Secondly, the ability to strategize Cloud enablement and thirdly, to be able to architect and execute Cloud adoption without business disruption and seamless change management,” says Anurag Gupta, Director, Total Application Software Co. (P) Ltd.

TASC caters integrated IT services to its clients globally on Web, Mobile, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions across industries and business of all sizes.

Being Microsoft Silver and Born-in-the-Cloud Partner, TASC has gained access to Microsoft’s technical resources and trainings while attaining free Internal Use Rights (IUR) to all Cloud technologies. These competencies have been supporting the company to optimize the latest Microsoft Cloud technologies to create its own hands-on lab and carry out demonstrations and Proof-of-Concepts (POC) according to its clients requirements. In addition, this helps TASC to have access to Microsoft’s Advisory and Technical support teams.

When it comes to the Azure Mentor Program, TASC has attained direct support from the Azure team from Redmond. This program has helped the company sharpen its Azure skills and capability to ratify the solutions that TASC renders to its clients.

Over the years, TASC has accomplished technical prowess and experience in implementing not only cloud solutions but also ERP solutions, Online Services, Enterprise Search solutions, eCommerce and Start-up Enablement. The company envisages that SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) of cloud computing will acquire exponential significance in the present IT ambience.