Trio IT Services : Securing IT Assets through a Holistic Approach

CIO Vendor When the team of Bengaluru based Trio IT Services had undertaken a project of Remote Monitoring & Maintenance for a particular enterprise, they detected a critical issue in the client application performance whose root cause was a result of licensing issues. This is not an isolated issue. Businesses in various sectors and geographies often suffer from losses in varied scale due to non-compliance to license agreements, unauthorized software and more. These issues tend to be overlooked in many organizations under the pressure of achieving organizational goals. IT being the backbone supporting businesses worldwide, therefore increased focus on support, compliance and engineering add to the pressure of in-house technology experts. This is where Trio IT Services comes into the picture.

Later Trio IT Services successfully identified and resolved the issues and soon elevated to a single point provider for all the IT needs of the aforementioned enterprise. An end-to-end IT Solution and Service provider, Trio IT aims to aid businesses with an array of solutions and services dedicated to business uptime and performance. They offer Monitoring, Management and Custom IT Automation solutions and services to increase overall uptime and performance of their clients' Infrastructure and applications. Providing an insight into the firm’s Software Asset Management (SAM) Services, Michael Martin, the Director- Service Delivery, Trio IT says, “Mismanagement of software assets is likely to expose organizations to vulnerability. This makes SAM critical. We secure IT assets in organizations and ensure that both software and hardware assets in place are compliant. The SAM services ensure that the software used for business operations are purchased legally and adhere to the licensing agreements. We also look to it that software assets are updated, patched and under control in terms of renewals.”
The firm leverages Microsoft tools such as SCCM to discover all assets in business environments to identify the details pertaining to assets deployed.

As a part of their Managed IT services, Trio IT deploys monitoring and custom automation solutions, including the data center, applications, database and network security devices. The service is centralized with 24x7 operations which are based on ITIL based prophecies for alert management, incident management, change management and problem management and service desk. In any case of violations or breach, Trio IT’s team would remotely triage, isolate and resolve the issue. This process ensures high availability and performance. Trio IT clients will benefit largely with a higher ROI for automating their IT Operations.

Trio IT aims to aid businesses with an array of solutions and services dedicated to business uptime and performance

The aforementioned were only two of the many services and solutions available at Trio IT. Other services include Managed Backup and Recovery, ERP Managed Services, Security Managed Services and more. In addition, Trio IT also delivers a robust online survey and poll platform called Snap Poll which aims to enable businesses to remain competitive in the changing environment with the help of client feedbacks.

A key factor that enables the company to deliver an impeccable service is the team’s endeavour to gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s business operations. Moreover, Trio IT’s position as a one shop stop with the entire gamut of IT services under one price and scope further adds to their competitive advantage. A holistic approach and the drive to innovate with the firm’s custom automation tools and a keen emphasis on security continuously enhance uptime and quality of services rendered. Trio IT has achieved automation of close to 65% of IT activities. The firm has currently directed its efforts to achieve 85% automation.