Ensono: Providing End-to-End Services with Tailored Cloud Roadmaps

Sean Roberts, General Manager

CIOs have a tall order ahead of them – under pressure to innovate at the same pace as industry disruption, all the while battling the complexities of hundreds of legacy applications, trying to keep the lights on, and guaranteeing security and compliances. Helping enterprises meet these challenges, Ensono, a mnaged service provider and a Gold certified Microsoft partner, is providing tailored cloud roadmaps based on readiness assessments, migration with automation to minimize delays and costs. It manages and optimizes workloads on Azure to improve performance, as well as reduce costs and risks.

The company is helping businesses modernize and migrate from legacy to Azure providing full end-to-end services on Microsoft Azure,from Assessment /Consulting, Workload Migrations, DevOps, Security, Billing, Monitoring and Production Support.

Delivering Competitive Advantage
Born in the datacenter, Ensono now designs, builds and supports hybrid cloud solutions which span from end-user mobility to cloud enabled services. To help its clients leverage the latest technologies and gain a competitive edge in the market, Ensono delivers scalable, on-demand services in an agile and cost-effective way.

Expertise in Operating and Managing Cloud Deployments
Ensono has a deep and broad Azure expertise, enabling its clients to modernize their application portfolios by leveraging innovative PaaS services, container and server-less technology. The company’s managed Azure service is backed by deep knowledge from 1,000s of migration
experiences with business-critical applications such as SAP, Microsoft and Citrix. Ensono’s proprietary enterprise cloud management platform (Hyper Cloud Platform)enables governance, control and self-service. It delegates and manages access to enterprise application and service owners, providing policies and controls that act as guardrails to limit security and cost exposure while allowing clients to take full advantage of the cloud.

"Ensono has a deep and broad Azure expertise, enabling its clients to modernize their application portfolios by leveraging innovative PaaS services, container and server-less technology"

To help clients with simple, cost efficient and on-time migration, Ensono developed two methodologies: Cloud Activate and Cloud Migrate. Cloud Activate is a robust and proven methodology to help clients move quickly and safely to the cloud while taking advantage of the transformational possibilities afforded by the latest technology and services. And, Cloud Migrate was built in response to client’s desire to have a safe, rapid and cost-effective way of moving less complex or commercial off the shelf(COTS)applications to Azure.

Earned Recognition through Dedicated Services
In the Microsoft technology space, the company has earned many recognitions and awards. Currently the company is recognized as a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP. In 2018, the company won Chicago Innovation Award and UK Cloud award. Also, it was named Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner for Datacenter Transformation. Ensono has 70+ Microsoft Certified associates, 30+ Microsoft Certified Professionals for Cloud Platform, 10+ Microsoft Azure P-Seller Certified Pros, a Microsoft MVP, and authors of Microsoft Official Courseware for Azure Services.

In their upcoming ventures, the company aims to develop innovative and flexible products to meet the requirements of its clients for cloud migration.

Sean Roberts, General Manager, Microsoft Cloud Services, Ensono adds, “Once companies have adopted cloud computing, they have a number of innovation avenues to take – and choices need to be made. Ultimately, decisions should be prioritized based on which items are closest to customers. This will have the most impact on the bottom line.”