G7 CR Technologies India - Disruptive Cloud Offering: Industry’s First Zero Fee Engagement Model

CIO Vendor Perceiving competitive advantages of cost efficiency, ease of access, facilitation for a diverse environment, enhanced performance and flexibility, organizations across verticals, be it multinationals or SMBs, are now shifting a major chunk of their mission critical operations to cloud. This move towards cloud will very likely take a more aggressive turn in the near future. In fact the trend is gradually transforming from a Cloud First to a Cloud Only momentum. Pacing up to the technology, IT teams are now going back to their roots and acquiring the skill set cloud demands. However, technology today is evolving at a sky rocket pace, keeping up with which is a challenge.
A born-in-the-Cloud company, G7 CR Technologies brings in a dedicated focus on Cloud technology. Driven by seasoned technocrats and a workforce of over 700, the Bangalore based firm drives cloud consumers with a plethora of cloud services starting with Cloud Readiness Assessment, Architectural Design, Deployment, Migration, Optimization, Strategizing/Implementing Business Continuity Plan and Managed Services. What’s more, all of these services are made available to the consumers at no cost. Yes! No Cost!

Elaborating on the strategy behind the industry-first zero fee engagement model, Christopher Richard, Managing Director & Chief Software Architect at G7 CR Technologies, says, “The vision of Zero Fee Engagement is to empower businesses. G7 CR promises to take away the onus of the technology. We want CEOs and CIOs to stop investing their time worrying about the underlying technology and start focusing on strategies to take their business to the next level, leaving all the technology-related rigmaroles and complexities to us.”

Engineering a Reliable Cloud Architecture
A Microsoft Solutions Partner, G7 CR exerts a great prowess over the field with proven expertise in Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics CRM services. Christopher Richard delineates, “G7 CR is one of the pioneers to adopt and evangelize Microsoft Cloud Technologies. We call ourselves the hands-on guys and are confident of our cloud knowledge.” The process of planning and designing a reliable cloud architecture at G7 CR takes off with the team’s attempt to understand the customer’s unique business needs which are met through tailor made solutions built with four key ingredients- reliability, scalability, security and cost efficiency. The MD adds, “The common myth is that big workloads have to be kept running to attain high availability. But, with our Cloud expertise we have proven time and again that highly available and secure architecture can be attained by using the right deployment architecture and components.”

Seamless Migration to Cloud
The process of migration to cloud is a critical one. If not assessed and planned well, it can lead to loss of critical data and put organizations at risk. G7 CR as a cloud solution provider strongly acknowledges this and has hence architected a migration process that comprises of 6 phases- Readiness Assessment, Architectural Review and Re-design, Optimization, Configuration and Setup, Testing, Deployment/Migration. The Cloud Readiness program evaluates organizations’ preparedness for cloud through 70 parameters that are tested and checked off. Each project is over-looked by solution architects and four expert teams skilled in infrastructure, networking, security and testing to ensure seamless migration.

Microsoft Azure Expertise
G7 CR expertise in Microsoft Azure revolves around a broad spectrum of cloud services be it IaaS or PaaS. From VM Scale set with high availability to VM architectures for smaller workloads, the firm has orchestrated many successful deployments. Alongside a robust and dedicated deployment environment for securely running Azure App service, G7 CR also delivers Azure based microservices architecture. Access to Microsoft Azure SQL cloud as a data management service delivers flexibility as a crucial advantage which is clearly high in demand amongst businesses. Clients are further facilitated with support for open source platforms such as LAMP stack for deployments of high performance web applications.
G7 CR through their networking capabilities brings in expertise in building, configuring and setting up complex network requirements. Express route connections, configurable VPNs, soft routers, setting up and configuring NSGs are amongst their networking services. The firm also boasts of advanced capabilities in disruptive technologies of IoT and AI, seamlessly integrating intelligent cloud services with existing applications. Right from setting up and configuring IoT and AI platforms on Azure, to setting up IoT hubs and delivering Azure Bot services with cognitive services to embedding Machine Learning capabilities, G7 CR is able to promptly respond to the calls for expertise over advanced and emerging technologies. The firm’s security services for Azure includes deployment of proactive defence mechanism in the form of configurable firewalls including Azure’s application gateway along with integration with third party firewall. Demilitarized security architecture further intensifies the security web.

Custom Solutions
Apart from its expertise in Microsoft Solutions, G7 CR is working on cloud technologies to widen the dimensions of its utilities. As such, the firm has developed a number of custom applications in close alignment to the firm’s roadmap that includes verticals of education, healthcare along with the SMB segment. One of the major application products is Machine 4 Learning (M4L), a cloud-based lab and learning solution. Built with the aim to revolutionize education, the patent product enables trainees to access VM and all the required softwares from the comfort of a browser. Being highly scalable, the solution successfully supports a number of machines. Those concerned over security can rest at peace as the application disables copy paste and similar features. If desired, companies may also choose to block access to suspicious websites from the machines. The application also brings in the scope for customizations and is delivered free of charge. Users only need to pay for the cloud consumption as set by G7 CR. M4L has already garnered widespread popularity, clocking in almost 4000 active users within five months since its launch.

G7 CR is one of the pioneers to adopt and evangelize Microsoft Cloud Technologies. We call ourselves the hands-on guys and are confident of our cloud knowledge

Another solution which facilitates learners with experiential learning is Cloud for Learning (C4L). The application has been designed to provide users easy access to cloud subscriptions. Learners can leverage the application to acquire hands-on exposure to the latest cloud based solutions such as IoT, stream analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, the major challenge that C4L seeks to address is control over budgets. The application enables institutes and organizations with centralized control over budgets so that these subscriptions do not exceed budgetary constraints.

Yet another application from G7 CR is the ready-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) which creates a distinction in the market with firm’s in-house capabilities which enables institutes with their own custom LMS in a matter of 7 business days. Targeting the SMB segment, G7 CR has also launched Wasuli, a payment tracking system. The application which is available on Play Store automates business’s account receivable related processes while freeing up businesses and their resources to concentrate on other mission-critical operations.

Moving ahead with Azure Stack
Moving ahead in the domain, G7 CR Technologies hopes to continue staying abreast of technology while assisting customers with the latest in technology. Gearing up for the future, the firm has become the first MSP partner to purchase and implement Azure Stack in India. A game changer in the industry’s march towards digitalization, Azure Stack is the answer to the compliance policies that lock organizations down to a private data center. G7 CR’s services around Azure Stack is targeted at SMEs in tier 2,3 and 4 cities where the firm plans to drive cloud adoption while implementing the solution for hosting a static website to hosting a complex ERP system.