Korcomptenz: Accelerating the Evolution of Businesses with Expertise in Microsoft Dynamics

Prakash Anthony, CEO

Microsoft is helping enterprises drive digital transformation to address the ever-changing needs of their customers and helping partners capitalize on new business potential. Technological advancements across Microsoft’s agile platforms and services have propelled businesses into a new era where they can better engage with customers, empower employees, ensure efficiency of operations, and experience a complete transformation of products to deliver better customer outcomes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the advantages of the cloud, paired with ERP and CRM capabilities, in tandem with professional-grade BI, marketing, and service desk operations. Korcomptenz, a company founded in 2003, is a strategic Microsoft partner that is actively bridging the gap between ERP and CRM. The organization has a strong partnership with Microsoft and a sharp focus on their endcustomers.

Korcomptenz’s vision is to create lasting value and a competitive advantage for their clients with innovative technology solutions that address their business challenges and drive their growth. With 15 years’ of experience in the market, the team at Korcomptenz is organized around four technology towers: ERP and CRM; Web and Marketing Automation Technology; Mobile and Web Application Development; and Cloud and Infrastructure Management. These towers directly link to the company mission of engaging clients, enabling their business, and achieving better results at an affordable and compelling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Engage. Enable. Accelerate While all four technology towers are critical to Korcomptenz’s mission, ERP is at the heart of its business with longstanding services supporting Microsoft Dynamics. In this segment, the organization strives to be a trusted partner for small and medium businesses, combining an agile implementation methodology with robust processes and quality controls.

The company leverages a global delivery model to provide compelling price points and access to top-tier resources in the ERP market. Prakash Anthony, the CEO of Korcomptenz, reveals, “Today we have satellite offices across the globe in Australia, Singapore, London, and Belgium, plus two offices in the US to serve our customer’s requirements and are focusing on building the best industry practices while concentrating and delivering on Microsoft Dynamics.” The Microsoft ERP and CRM tower is headed by Manoj Bonam, CTO, a thought leader in the field for over 12 years. Manoj is supported by a talented and experienced team that works ceaselessly
towards delivering on Dynamics.This team is tightly connected to a broader strategic technology group that creates responsive designs and websites, mobile-enabled applications and content management systems to name a few. “In the web and marketing space, we offer value integration and automation on multiple technologies, where the products could be Salesforce and CRM or it could be Mautic, the Open Marketing Cloud,” adds Prakash.

Today we have satellite offices across the globe in Australia, Singapore, London, and Belgium, plus two offices in the US to serve our customer’s requirements and are focussing on building the best industry practices while concentrating and delivering on Microsoft Dynamics

Korcomptenz strives to be partner of choice for small and midsize businesses by offering a unique combination of technology depth and breadth across their entire business and marketing stack. The company has also completely immersed itself in technologies and strategies that aid and support customer journey marketing, where the proposed solution helps their endclients win, service, and retain customers. Underlying these offerings, Korcomptenz provides forward-thinking cloud and infrastructure management. These services are essential to an agile and robust deployment of both ERP and web technologies, allowing our customers to receive implementation, development, deployment, and application hosting services from a single provider. They can even help customers launch a custom mobile application on iOS or Android.

Korcomptenz has been incredibly pleased with the response they have received in their technology markets as a mid-size vendor. Gearing up for the future, Korcomptenz has mapped out several business plans for the short and long term. “We have one more emerging vertical coming up which is data analytics and big data,” reveals an excited Prakash. With a rich history in manufacturing, the company aims to continue to expand in the sector. Hailing from New Jersey in close proximity to New York City, Korcomptenz envisions exploring the retail and e-commerce vertical using its experience and past performance in this segment for Microsoft Dynamics products. They attribute their current and continued success to a combination of the strategy and technology expertise, the enthusiasm and experience of their teams, leads and managers, supported by a state-of-the-art center in India. Prakash signs off on a positive note, “We also want to concentrate on the non-profit segment. We have a few customers from the non-profit sector, and we feel the market is underserved. There is a huge opportunity for Microsoft products.”