Rheal Software: A Compete Stack of Offshore Outsourcing Services to Enhance Business Efficiency

Vishal Vohra, Founder & CEO

Many organizations today are increasingly looking to outsource their software development needs to offshore developers, as a result of which, the global software outsourcing industry is expanding at a rapid pace. According to research reports, the Global Offshore IT services market is valued between USD 9-10 billion annually and represents about 2.5 percent of the total global IT services. While the primary driver of this growth is the cost savings, there are additional factors such as enhanced efficiency, access to exceptional capabilities, improved speed to market and the potential to develop sophisticated new applications, making offshore development very attractive. However, despite these benefits, the road to outsourced software development isn't always a smooth one and is paved with challenges surrounding time zones, language barriers and communication gaps, cultural differences, poor infrastructure, and the lack of credibility of the offshore supplier. Perfectly understanding these challenges, Mumbai headquartered Rheal Software steps forward to address them with a wide range of Software Development Outsourcing services.

Founded by Vishal Vohra, Rheal began its journey in the midst of the Dotcom boom of the early 2000s and has since evolved to emerge as a Global Software Development and Offshore Outsourcing company. With two Offshore Development Centers in India, Rheal leverages its technology expertise to deliver a number of outsourcing services including Custom Web and Mobile Application Development, Integration Solutions and
Product Engineering, to small and mid-sized enterprises.

The company today stands as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with over 15 years in Application Development. With the Microsoft stack as its preferred platform of choice, Rheal leverages Microsoft's leading app development tools such as Visual Studio, C#,SharePoint, SQL Server and Project Server, to develop over 90 percent of its applications.

In addition to web application development, the company also extends capabilities for Mobile Development,SharePoint& Project Server Development, Xamarin based Development, Database Optimization and Cloud Migration. “The technical expertise and domain knowledge carried by our staff, in combination with our hard work and collaborative efforts, has helped us address the pain points of a widespread customer base across Insurance, Healthcare,Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing and Financial Services industries,” explains Vishal Vohra, Founder & CEO.

Bridging Communication Gaps to address Customer Pain-Points
When it comes to addressing customers'pain points, Rheal adopts a unique approach which holds communication as paramount to understanding the client. As a part of this approach, the company first devises questions to determine the category of the customer's pain point and what solutions could address them. Once this is determined, Rheal then combines the right products to create tailor- made solutions for the customer's needs. This includes both completely custom-developed solutions and Microsoft products customized with add-ons. Another one of the company's specialties is its SharePoint & Project Server Development services through which Rheal equips businesses with customized workflows, document libraries, image lists and other requisites, to maximize their efficiency. The company has also aggressively taken on mobile app development particularly field force solutions, to assist clients in their sales operations.

Having delivered its Software Development Outsourcing services to a wide range of industry verticals over the last 18 years, Rheal Software has carved a niche for itself in this domain. Moving forward, the company hopes to expand its product portfolio as well as its global presence, in the years to come.