Fint Solutions: Offering Multi-faceted & Creative Answers to Complex Techno Problems

CIO Vendor Microsoft's Dynamic 365 has kept pace with technology and transformed itself into a tool for Enterprises, and now, the focus is on Mobile Compatibility, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing, to provide a seamless integration experience. Its ability to serve as an integrated platform with exceptional customer experience and personalization will drive market penetration. Customer demands keep changing with the times. Throwing some light on recent developments, Ram Manthena, Chief Technology Officer at Fint Solutions says, "The expectations of customers from service providers have grown significantly with respect to convenience, speed of resolution and expertise. There is a need for businesses to keep-up with the advancements in digital technology. Microsoft has been investing heavily to garner higher customer retention and loyalty".

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Fint Solutions understands the exponential rise in customer expectations and works diligently to meet and exceed these expectations in innovative ways that add business value. Fint provides technology consulting, software outsourcing services, and enterprise solutions to customers globally. In doing so, some of the strategies Fint Solutions embraces are to seek customer feedback, engage with customers through various platforms, and provide proactive support. Fint always tries to enhance digital experiences of all influencers linked to an organization like end-consumers, team members and partners. Key attributes that drive Fint's digital transformation initiative are its focus on customers & customer experience, adherence to business processes & end goals, and strategically advising customers on the best utilization of technology. Fint is a big
proponent of design thinking and always strives to understand perspectives from the customer's PoV, with focus on customer's customers, team members and partners.

A Thorough Approach to Exceptional Tech Driven Solutions
Before initiating or implementing any project, Fint's expert team conducts multiple rounds of discussions with stakeholders to understand their pain points and arrive at overall business goals. A business case is then built, and the technology's role is identified and determined. This artifact is utilized for establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and tracking them throughout the project and post go-live stage of the project. Depending on the domain of business and the outcome of fit-gap analysis, Fint team advises the customers to choose Dynamics 365 offerings like Sales Hub, Customer Service Hub, Field Service, and more, integrating with Microsoft SharePoint and Power BI. On the Analytics front, Fint always makes use of Customer and Sales Insights. Through its Accelerators, Fint catalyzes digital adoption faster.

Fint was started with a modest team size and has since witnessed a phenomenal growth, with a large team of qualified talent pool, of which about 90 percent are certified. "Our mantra 'Teamwork is at the heart of great achievements', has helped us grow from strength to strength and provide us the direction for offering innovative solutions to our customers," adds the CTO.

Sustainable growth is the objective for the future. Fint will work towards comprehending more advanced technologies and expanding geographically. The pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in the business model with increased demand for digital transformation. Expressing Fint's preparedness, Ram says, "Unique challenges require innovative solutions. Our work culture and our qualified workforce will keep providing pioneering solutions with highest quality and timely delivery. With 'Digital' becoming the buzzword in modern businesses, driving innovation while managing costs will be our focus to drive business results for our customers". Fint is on a stable trajectory to continue offering cutting-edge digital solutions that empower and enable its customers to compete in the volatile markets and stay ahead of the curve.